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The ALB Advantage

Superior Client Service:

  • We employ only the best loan advisors
  • We make being accessible to you a job requirement
  • We provide regular loan status updates

Realistic Solutions:

  • We provide mortgage loan programs that fit your investment property
  • We construct financing based off of your transactional goals
  • We solve financing issues before they happen

Access to the Best Financing:

  • We have established relationships with the industry’s top capital resources
  • We have access to the up-to-date mortgage calculator needed for your investment
  • We give you access to the best mortgage rates & terms available

Make Sure Deals Close:

  • We are proactive and are able to anticipate potential financing issues
  • We keep you informed you of all necessary steps to ensure a successful transaction
  • We provide transparency to keep you confident that the deal can be closed

Fast & Efficient:

  • We will issue a letter of interest within 24-48 hours
  • We have an established and streamlined processing system
  • We close most deals within 60 days or less

We are into Building Relationships:

  • We show you how commercial lenders will view the property
  • We are proactive in preventing unrealistic pricing
  • We present you with the mortgage rate at which the deal will close
  • Our firm thrives because of repeat & referral business

Achieve Peace of Mind:

  • We keep you in the loop so you know your deal will close
  • We are always available for your questions and concerns
  • We do the work so you can focus on the next deal

Earn a Referral Fee:

We thrive because of our expert services which lead to repeat & referral business.

  • Refer a friend to us and we will pay you a handsome referral fee.