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Apartment Loans & Multifamily Loans: Large-Balance

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ALB Commercial Capital was established to serve as your team member. Whether you are a mortgage broker, realtor, investor, lender, or other service provider, ALB Commercial Capital is your premier nationwide source for apartment loans and multifamily loans.

We offer a competitive advantage with our competitive mortgage rates & pricing, flexible terms, customized solutions, streamlined origination and processing, and quick closing capabilities. Our financial services provide you with up-to-date commercial mortgage news and leading loan programs to ensure that you get the mortgage rates you want.

Let us guide you toward the apartment building financing and multifamily loans best suited for your needs.

It's time to end your search. ALB Commercial Capital has aligned itself with the best commercial lenders in the industry and is here to guide you toward the Large Balance Apartment Loans that fit your unique multifamily investment needs.

ALB Commercial Capital is here to ensure that the Large Balance Apartment Loans you need are within easy reach.

ALB Commercial Capital takes the guesswork out of apartment financing. Let our multifamily mortgage experts show you how to make your multifamily investment work for you. Our professionals will guide you through the myriad of multifamily loans including Freddie Mac multifamily loans, Fannie Mae multifamily loans, and FHA multifamily loans.

As a multifamily investor, you deserve and require the best. ALB Commercial Capital has years of experience working with multifamily mortgage lenders and finding the competitive loan programs for your investment needs; let us find you the best mortgage rates. Today is the day to make your return on investment a reality.

Our Large Balance Apartment Loan programs start at $5,000,000 with specific requirements and pricing based on your investment objectives. The information below is an overview of the features and benefits of our Large Balance Multifamily apartment building loans.

To have your apartment financing pre-qualified or to find out more about our multifamily mortgage services, please contact our office to speak with one of our experienced apartment financing advisors. Let us customize a multifamily lending program to fit your unique needs.

    • Larger Multifamily Property
    • High Rise, Garden style, Two Story, Three Story, Bungalows, Townhouse style, condo Conversions
    • Existing and newly constructed
    • Apartments of higher grade (A, B, quality)
    • Mixed-Use Commercial/Residential Acceptable to 25% Commercial Use
    • Mobile Home Parks Eligible for Apartment Loan Program with 15+ Pads
    • Purchase
    • Refinance
    • Refinance with Cash Out
    • Construction on a "Case by Case Basis"
    • Customizable Fixed Rate Terms - 5, 7, 10, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30 and 35 Yr. Terms
    • Defeasance, Yield Maintenance, and Decreasing Term Prepayment Options
    • Single or Multi-Asset Properties
    • Cash, MBS, or CMBS Execution
    • 365 Day Extended Rate Locks
    • Balloon or Non-Balloon Terms
    • Non-Recourse Above $1.5 Million
    • Tiered Risk-Based Pricing
    • Nationwide Coverage
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Programs parameters subject to change without notice. Please contact ALB Commercial Capital Corporate Office for an apartment financing program tailored to your needs and your -multifamily investment strategy.

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