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Broker Referrals

ALB Commercial Capital pays referral fees to approved licensed real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, and lenders. You are automatically approved as a cooperating broker once you have completed our Brokers package. By completing the application you are verifying that you are legally licensed as a mortgage broker where the loans are originated that you send to us and also in the state in which your company resides. For over a decade now, we have paid out hundreds of thousands in referral fees to outside brokers, and we hope that you are ready to submit loans to us immediately.

The process is simple. You submit a standard real estate loan application on your borrower, basic information on the type and value of the property, the amount the borrower needs along with a rent roll or lease summary, a historical operating statement, and preferably property photos and we’ll customize a loan for your borrower subject to a qualified appraisal.

ALB Commercial Capital will then give you a quote. You can add the fees that you wish to earn to that quote and communicate the terms to your borrower. Once your borrower has agreed to these terms, we will begin the loan process. Your referral fee will be paid to you through the loan escrow at time of closing.

We know time is of the essence so we have committed to our outside brokers a response of 24-48 hours on all loan submissions to ALB Commercial Capital.

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