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ALB Commercial Capital was founded on the principle of creating value for clients! As a well regarded Industry Leader in Multifamily and Commercial Lending our firm has a solid understanding in the analysis and valuation of income properties and the market knowledge that enables our firm to meet our client's objectives. No one assignment is exactly alike everything starts with a situation analysis to milestone the goals the Seller is trying to accomplish and from that understanding a strategic plan is then set for taking the property to a market of qualified Investors, exchange buyers, and cooperating Brokers on a local and national level.

Please complete the "Free Property Valuation Form" and then fax or email back to our office to receive a free property valuation. ALB Commercial Capital will inform you of the market value of your property as well as providing you a financial summary of financing that will be available for the buyer or for you in the event you decide to refinance and keep the property. Email to or fax to (626) 296-7771.

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