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Choose the mortgage calculator that best suits your needs. Using an interactive mortgage calculator can help both buyers and sellers make their commercial property buying or refinancing decisions. Loan calculators are insightful, but nothing is better than speaking directly with a mortgage professional and we recommend you contact our office to discuss the details of your transaction.

Single Loan Mortgage Calculator

A simple mortgage calculator - loans are calculated with and an amortization schedule to easily determine if you can afford the monthly mortgage payments.

Single Loan Mortgage Calculator »

Multiple Loans Mortgage Calculator

Quickly compare up to three different mortgage loan scenarios by changing the mortgage rates today, loan amount and length of the term.

Multiple Loan Mortgage Calculator »

Apartment & Multifamily Loan Mortgage Calculator

Apartment building financing can be complex, use this apartment financing mortgage calculator to easily see how small changes can make a big difference in your multifamily housing investment.

Mortgage Calculator for Apartment Loans »

Office Building Financing Mortgage Calculator

Are you looking into making an investment of an office building and want to know if this is a viable real estate investment, use this mortgage calculator designed just for office building financing.

Mortgage Calculator for Income Property Loans »

Retail Store Financing Mortgage Calculator

If you are looking into purchasing investment property for a retail store, use this mortgage calculator to assist in the decision-making process.

Mortgage Calculator for Retail Store Financing »

* Information is made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use. We can not and do not guarantee its accuracy or its applicability to your circumstances. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.