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ALB Commercial Capital was established to serve as your team member. Whether you are a mortgage broker, realtor, investor, lender, or other service provider, ALB Commercial Capital is your premier nationwide source for: multifamily & apartment loans, real estate investments, small business loans, commercial loans and church loans.

We offer a competitive advantage with our competitive mortgage rates & pricing, flexible terms, customized solutions, streamlined origination and processing, and quick closing capabilities. Our financial services provide you with up-to-date commercial mortgage news and leading loan programs to ensure that you get the mortgage rates you want.

Let us guide you toward the small business loan or multifamily loan best suited for your needs.

Not all mortgage loans are created equal. Let us guide you toward the best loan for your business.

ALB Commercial Capital has years of experience with loans and mortgage rates and the investments of people who want to see their businesses grow. A mortgage calculator alone does not ensure that the mortgage rates you’re given will be the best for your business, but with the guidance of our experienced advisors, those numbers can be a part of the solution for your business’s needs.

ALB Commercial Capital has access to a wide variety of commercial lenders. Our strong relationships with brokers and banks help us to stay up-to-date with new and competitive commercial loans as well as the current mortgage rates. Today is the day your investment starts working for you.

Whether you’re looking at 30-year mortgage rates or 15-year mortgage rates, we want you to be confident that you are making the best and most informed decisions for your future. Please contact our office and speak to one of our friendly and experienced advisors to see how we can help get you moving closer to your goal.

We Offer:

Apartment Loans: Small Balance

With guidance from ALB Commercial Capital, apartment financing for multifamily housing is easy to navigate. Our expertise with various multifamily loans including Freddie Mac multifamily loans, Fannie Mae multifamily loans, and FHA multifamily loans will keep your multifamily investment working for you. Our Small Balance Apartment Loan programs range in size from $500,000 to $5,000,000 with specific requirements and pricing based on your investment objectives.

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Apartment Loans: Large Balance

As a multifamily investor, you deserve and require the best. ALB Commercial Capital has years of experience working with multifamily mortgage lenders and finding the competitive loan programs for your investment needs; let us find you the best mortgage rates. Today is the day to make your return on investment a reality. Our Large Balance Apartment Loan programs start at $5,000,000 with specific requirements and pricing based on your investment objectives.

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Commercial Loans

Looking to purchase or refinance commercial property? Not all commercial loans are created equal. Let our qualified commercial lending team guide you through the various commercial mortgages available to ensure that your financing supports your investment. From $500,000- $25,000,000: Financing for commercial properties is underwritten on a case by case basis as every loan application is unique and evaluated on its own merits. There are, however, a few common criteria that commercial lenders look for in commercial mortgage packages.

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Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed loan programs help with a full range of small business needs for any industry. An SBA loan can be used to construct new or purchase existing commercial owner-occupied real estate, to expand or modernize facilities, purchase equipment, finance business acquisitions or start ups, and finance inventory and accounts receivables.

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2-4 Unit Loans

Loan amounts up to $2 million on small residential income properties. While many investors start small and then move up to five or more units ALB Commercial Capital does it’s best at providing financing.

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Private Money - Bridge Financing

ALB Commercial Capital offers a variety of private money short term bridge type financing loan programs customized to fit your unique needs. These Programs range in size from $100,000 to $25,000,000 with specific requirements and pricing based on your investment objectives.

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Programs parameters subject to change without notice. Please contact ALB Commercial Capital Corporate Office for a program tailored to your needs and strategy.