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ALB Commercial Capital™ welcomes your interest in our company and invites you to review the information provided at your leisure. We hope that your online interaction with us is convenient and most beneficial. Pursuant to the Privacy of Consumer Financial Information Act and the Federal Trade Commission’s implementing regulation there under, 16 CFR Part 313, the following information is provided:

Consumer Data Collection

ALB Commercial Capital™ collects nonpublic personal information about existing and future borrowers from the following sources:

ALB Commercial Capital™prohibits disclosure of any nonpublic personal information about past, present or future customers, to anyone except as permitted by law. Furthermore, ALB Commercial Capital™ limits access to this information to only those employees who require the information to provide products or services accordingly. We employ numerous physical and technical safety measures to ensure compliance with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.

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ALB Commercial Capital™ respects the privacy of every visitor to ALB Commercial Capital™ online. As such, we are pleased to disclose the following information to you regarding how information is received and treated during your use of this site.

ALB Commercial Capital™ may employ the services of third party vendors in the course of regular business to provide maintenance or repair services to our website. These third parties may have access to your data while conducting their support services. However, ALB Commercial Capital™ does not provide any such information to these third parties, as regulated by law.

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